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Über uns

Baby Tia

We are a small, intimate company that prides itself with over 35 years’ experience with reptiles and amphibians. Coming from a professional background in working in zoos and reptile parks, we have the knowledge and know how to help you take care of your reptile and amphibian to the best possible manner.

We have been breeding reptiles and amphibians for decades, seen the most amazing colors of different species and got to enjoy the most interesting personalities in these animals and has also helped hundreds of families find the right animal to match their specific wants and needs.

Our aim is to provide the best quality feeders at a reasonable price and to educate others in the art of herping. We will assist you in finding the right animal, set up their enclosure as well as provide you with everything you need until their journey ends many years down the line.

Our moto lies close to our hearts and is our main focus – your reptile, our passion.

Ryan          Sabine