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What Our Customers Say
  • Great welcome, great service. I'll go back for sure!

    Patrick Morel Patrick Morel

    30. January 2019

  • Went to Ratking yesterday: lots of beautiful insects that are Swiss bred and supplied to stores, zoos, vets and breeders. A diverse range of crickets, locusts, cockroaches, drosophila and isopods. Interesting surprises for the future that should satisfy the most demanding breeders.

    Yann Fulliquet Yann Fulliquet

    20. January 2019

  • Good quality of merchandise and seller s' sympathy.

    Celine Sarrazin Celine Sarrazin

    20. January 2019

  • Quality food whether frozen or living insect.

    Fanny Lip Fanny Lip

    29. November 2019

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    Why do I have to feed my pet live insects? Live feeder insects are a critical part of most reptiles’ and amphibians’ nutritional needs. Live insects provide them with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

    25. April 2020
  • Live rodents or frozen feeders?

    Is it better to feed my reptile frozen feeders rather than live rodents? How do I know what size feeder to give my snake? These are the most common questions asked when it comes to feeding your reptile for the first time.

    21. April 2020
  • Boa Constrictor - What you need to know before you get a boa constrictor.

    It is easy to fall in love with its graceful yet dangerous appearance. And the idea of owning your own exotic animal that will not eat you the first chance it gets, has its own special appeal. But where do you even begin to prepare yourself, your life as well as your knowledge and know how in order to take care of this long- term commitment you are about to make?

    4. April 2020
  • African House Snake.

    Not sure where to start when you have decided to get yourself a pet snake? With an unlimited list of snake species, no wonder. We will make this easy for you, there is only one snake at the top of our list as a perfect beginner snake. And that is the African House Snake. And here is why...

    31. March 2020