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1000 x Jamaican Field Cricket Adult (Gryllus assimilis)

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1000 x Steppengrillen Gross (Gryllus assimilis)

Jamaican field crickets are suitable for most all reptiles and amphibians of all sizes: poison dart frogs, small tree frogs, ant-eaters such as frill-necked lizards and some types of birds, all types of young lizards, small geckos and chameleons all love devouring micro-crickets.


Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

Live Insects and Worms: for more information, please refer to insect and worms care sheet.

Medium-sized Jamaican field crickets are eaten by practically all medium-sized terrarium dwellers that love eating live prey: insect-eating small mammals and birds as well as almost all lizards, frogs, insect-eating snakes such as the green snakes as well as water turtles and painted wood turtles.

The large crickets are a real mouthful and more suitable for stronger terrarium dwellers. Basiliscus, water dragons, agamidae, leopard lizards, common collared lizards, knight anoles and other giant anoles, giant skinks, small monitor lizards such as the spiny-tailed monitor, black-headed monitor or emerald tree monitor, large agamidae such as the hardun, common agama and others, brown leopard lizard, Madagascar day geckos, New Caledonian giant geckos, abronia lizards, European legless lizards, collared lizards, Madagascar iguanas, giant spiny lizards such as the desert spiny lizard, phrynosomatidae or spiny lizards, common monkey lizard, giant chameleons such as the veiled chameleon. panther chameleon, Malagasy giant chameleon, or flap-necked chameleons and gerrhosauridae.

Even larger amphibians know how delicious these big bites can be: South American horned frogs, pixie frogs and toads will eat them in one bite, but also larger leaf frogs can devour these huge bugs and in doing so can display their ability to use their „hands“ to remove or move the cricket‘s resilient legs. For large tarantulas, predatory bugs, scorpions and other invertebrates, Jamaican field crickets are optimal prey.

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