How do I take care of my feeder insects and worms?

How do I store live insects?

Insects must be stored in a large container with enough ventilation. Make sure the container is ‘escape proof’. You can make lots of holes in the lid, or it is also possible to cover the container with mesh. This is the preferred option, as the risk of condensation is minimized. You need to add an absorbent substrate on the bottom of your container. Keep the container in a room where the temperature is between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight, this is to prevent condensation build up, so a darker pat of the room will do best. When you notice some condensation in the container, add more ventilation immediately. Humidity is a danger to your insects.

Take care when you transfer the insects from their shipping containers in the storage container you have prepared for them, as some insects might escape the transfer process.


How do I feed the insects?

You should feed the insects daily with fresh carrots, potatoes, mashed up dry dog food or easier, add a small amount of insect food you can purchase from our store to the container. Take care to wash all fresh foods thoroughly, as insects are extremely sensitive towards even the smallest traces of insecticides.

You do not have to provide the insects with water, if you supply them with enough fresh vegetables, as they get their moisture from their food. When water is needed, you can add a hydro gel or liquid. Keeping a bowl of water in the container is not advisable, as the insects can get stuck in it and drown.


How do I take care of my live feeder worms?

Why do I have to feed my pet live worms?

Live superworms and mealworms are a critical part of most reptiles’ nutritional needs. Live worms provide them with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Dried worms lose some of their nutritional value during the drying process.


How do I store live worms?

When you ordered the superworms or mealworms in bulk supply, we recommend the following storage:

You can keep your superworms or mealworms in a dormant stage by storing them in the fridge. The colder temperature slows down their eating and growing, therefore their morphing is also halted. They should be taken out of the fridge every 2 weeks for 24 hours. In this period give them moisture rich food, such as apple, carrots or potatoes. Before placing them back in the fridge, make sure to remove all left-over foods.

 When you ordered the superworms or mealworms in small supply, we recommend the following storage:

You can keep the superworms or mealworms in a well-ventilated container. They would need to be fed daily. Keeping mealworms or superworms in a room temperature-controlled container, means they will only last a week before they start morphing. You can keep them on a container filled with unprocessed bran, about 2 – 3 cm deep.


How do I feed the worms?

Superworms and mealworms can be fed carrots, apples or potatoes. They get their moisture from their food and do not need to get an additional water supply. Mealworms and superworms should be dusted in calcium powder before feeding them to your pet.