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JBL Biotopol T 50ml

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JBL Biotopol T 50ml

Water conditioner for terrariums

  • For reptiles and amphibians in terrariums and aqua-terrariums: water conditioner for the conversion of tap water into physiologically suitable bathing and drinking water.
  • Removes aggressive chlorine and chloramine, absorbs toxic heavy metals.
  • Improves health of reptile and amphibian skin thanks to valuable plant extracts and vitamin B
  • Promotes problem-free shedding.
  • Contents: water conditioner for terrariums, Biotopol T

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Healthy water
The water conditioner Biotopol T converts tap water to bathing water which is physiologically suitable for reptiles and amphibians. It removes aggressive chlorine and chloramine and quickly absorbs toxic heavy metals. Conditioning the water improves the health of the reptile and amphibian skin with precious plant extracts and vitamin B. In addition it encourages a problem-free shedding of the skin.

1 ml per 4 l water or 1 screw cap per 15 l.

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