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JBL ReptilCava Sand Medium

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JBL ReptilCava Sand Medium

Cave for terrarium animals, sand coloured

  • Individual terrarium design: sand coloured cave in sandstone look - retreat for your terrarium dwellers
  • Non-toxic: coloured resin - does not release any harmful substances
  • Heavy –duty version to prevent it from being accidentally knocked over
  • ReptilCava - the bowl for terrariums: available in various colours and sizes
  • Package contents: 1 x JBL cave for terrarium animals, ReptilCava, available in 6 sizes, sand coloured

Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

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Terrarium animals need places where they can feel secure and comfortable. In their natural environments they choose roots or caves. These are used as hiding and sleeping places or for egg deposition. Create a piece of genuine habitat for your terrarium pets.
JBL’s cave ReptilCava is made of a non-toxic, through-dyed resin. It does not emit any harmful substances. The cave has a heavy-duty, stable design to prevent accidental knocking over. The cave is available in various colours and sizes.

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