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JBL TerraSand natural red 7,5kg

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JBL TerraSand natur-rot 7,5kg

Substrate for desert terrariums

  • For desert terrariums: natural substrate made of fine red sand, grain size: 0.1 – 0.2 mm
  • Fine, virtually dust-free sand which, in moist condition, can be easily formed into caves etc., and keeps its shape after drying
  • Fine grain encourages the natural digging behaviour of many species
  • Round grain shape reduces abrasive effect on the animals’ skin
  • Contents: substrate in a bag

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Substrates suitable for terrarium animals
To give the terrarium animals a home modelled on nature the terrarium needs to be modelled closely on the animals’ biotope. It is crucial that the size of the terrarium suits the animals’ requirements, amongst other factors. During the set-up it is important to have the right substrate, plants, air circulation, lighting and warmth in the terrarium.
TerraSand is suitable for the following animals in the desert terrarium:
bearded dragons, leopard geckos, sand boas, horned lizards, rainbow agamas, desert iguanas, spiny lizards, spiny-tailed monitors, Hispaniolan masked curly-tailed lizards, desert scorpions

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