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JBL TerraTemp Heatmat 28x35

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JBL TerraTemp Heizmatte 28x35

Heating mat for terrariums

  • Ideal heat radiation for animals and plants: self-adhesive infrared heating mat for terrariums
  • Easy to mount: self-adhesive fixing at bottom, sidewall or top, incl. covering foil for attaching in visible places
  • Especially robust: extra strong PET foil
  • Highest safety: 2 insulation layers, electrical connection sealed with a special resin, overheat protection
  • Package contents: heating mat, TerraTemp heatmat, incl. cover foil

Delivery time: 3-7 working days.

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Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

Live Insects and Worms: for more information, please refer to insect and worms care sheet.

Modelled on nature
Terrarium animals are cold-blooded animals, highly dependent on light, particularly on the quality and intensity of the light and the warmth. Activity, food intake, digestion or rest phases are influenced by the change of day and night.

Ideal heat distribution
JBL’s TerraTemp heatmat ensures an ideal heat distribution for animals and plants in terrariums. The self-adhesive foil can be mounted on the outside at the bottom, the sidewalls or at the top. There is a covering foil for when the mat is mounted visibly. Due to the extra strong PET foil the mat is especially robust. The 2 insulation layers with overheat protection ensure optimal safety.

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