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ratking.ch Calcium Powder with Vit D3 100g

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ratking.ch Calciumpulver mit Vit D3 100g

ratking.ch’s Calcium Powder with Vit D3 is carefully formulated for use in supplementing your amphibian or reptiles’ diet. The ultra-fine powder covers and sticks to the insects, ensuring that your reptile gets the nutrition it needs. ratking.ch’s Calcium Powder with Vit D3 is phosphorus free and perfectly balanced.

Recommended for all types of snakes and lizards.

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Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

Live Insects and Worms: for more information, please refer to insect and worms care sheet.

Calcium is a necessary component of any reptile’s diet because it helps maintain their bone growth, nerve function, hormone synthesis and for healthy egg production in breeding females.

When blood calcium levels are low—a condition called hypocalcemia—an animal may suffer muscle twitches and lethargy. Low blood calcium can also lead to metabolic bone disease; to compensate for blood calcium deficiency, the body may utilize stored calcium from the bones to maintain blood levels. This can be serious problem for growing reptiles, causing poorly developed or soft “gumby” bones that are prone to fractures.

Reptiles need vitamin D3 from sunlight, or ultraviolet B (UVB) light, to grown and maintain strong bones. In the wild, reptiles get plenty of sun, but indoor reptiles need an artificial source of UVB rays to maintain calcium in blood and bones.

Vitamin D3 helps the intestines absorb calcium from food. UVB light absorbed through the skin helps animals convert inactive vitamin D to active vitamin D3. Without proper sun or UVB exposure, pet reptiles can be deficient in vitamin D3 and therefore deficient in calcium.


Usage: Use ½ a teaspoon of powder to sprinkle and cover the feeding portion of insects (around 10-12 medium locusts)

Safe for human consumption.


Food Quality: E170, FCC

CAS-Nr: 471-34-1 MG 100,09g/mol

Vitamin D3 - 400,000 IU/Kg

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