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Rose Beetle Larvae Dose (Pachnoda butana)

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Rosenkäferlarven Dose

The Rose Beetle Larvae (Pachnoda butana) is a great source of protein for your reptiles. These grubs are high in fat, so it is recommended that these are given as treats on occasion, instead of a consistent meal. These beetles are soft, like an overgrown waxworm, and tend to be around 20-35mm in size.

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Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

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As a treat for your exotic pets, these beetles are great for dusting with calcium dust to give an extra boost of supplements. If you have a pet that is fussy with feeding, in small doses these beetles will provide some much-needed nutrition.

Recommended feeding usage is one a week or so, but they last for a while if they are kept cool, ideally in room temperature.

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