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Cockroaches Klein Dose/30 (Blaptica Dubia)

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Schaben Dubia Dose

Ratking.ch live Cockroaches (Dubia) are a premium high-quality choice, grown locally in Switzerland. Ratking.ch is the perfect choice for your precious pet.

No Cockroaches supplied by Ratking.ch are fed hormones.


Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

Live Insects and Worms: for more information, please refer to insect and worms care sheet.

Ratking.ch Cockroaches can be added to the diet of many animals to help provide a balanced and natural nutritious diet. As active movers, Cockroaches are also perfect for animals who are stimulated by the movement of live food in order to eat. Cockroaches are extremely clean. Ratking.ch Cockroaches are also known as Feeder Roaches.

Cockroaches (Dubia) are suitable for feeding to the following pets:

  • Lizards, including Bearded Dragons
  • Frogs & Turtles
  • Predatory Fish such as Large Cichlid, Barramundi and Oscars
  • Insect eating birds
  • Chickens
  • Rats & Mice
  • Spiders
  • Wildlife

Cockroaches contain: 

  • 2% moisture
  • 4% protein
  • 2% fat
  • 750mg/kg Calcium
  • 2600mg/kg Phosphorous
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