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Superworms 500g (Zophobas morio)

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Zophobas 500g

Ratking.ch Superworms are a premium high-quality choice, grown locally in Switzerland. Ratking.ch is the perfect choice for your precious pet. Ratking.ch Premium Quality Superworms can be added to the diet of many animals to help provide variety in a balanced and naturally nutritious diet.

As active movers, live Superworms are also perfect for animals who are stimulated by the movement of live food to eat. They are a clean and easily handled food.


Frozen Feeders: for more information, please refer to feeder care sheet.

Live Insects and Worms: for more information, please refer to insect and worms care sheet.

No Superworms supplied by Ratking.ch are fed hormones.

Superworms are the larvae of mealworm beetles. They have four stages of life: egg, larvae, pupa and adult beetle. Superworms eat and grow until they have stored enough energy to transform into a pupa and then into a beetle.

Superworms are high in protein and fat so are good for treats and building up young, sick, injured or gravid animals. Like any treat, Superworms should not be regarded as a stable food and always offered as part of a varied and well-balanced diet.

Superworms contain: 

  • 59% Moisture
  • 10% Protein
  • 13% Fat
  • 330mg/kg Calcium
  • 1650mg/kg Phosphorus

Superworms are suitable for the following pets:

  • Lizards
  • Frogs & Turtles
  • Predatory Fish
  • Insect eating birds
  • Chickens
  • Rats & Mice
  • Spiders
  • Wildlife

Some delicate pet species can find Superworms hard to digest, due their hard exoskeleton.

Both the larva and the beetles are edible.

Feeding Superworms to Your Pet: Feed the Superworms at a rate that allows your pet to eat them immediately.

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